Eccentric O is a UK based multidisciplinary artist and creative director. A champion for meditative art and creativity, EO uses sacred patterns, cultural symbols, and spirituality as a means to explore creative healing energy.

Listed as one of the UK's next generation creative pioneers by the IPA for his ongoing creative advocacy, he seeks to promote mindfulness and visionary art practice to charge individual creative power. To further support the arts he also co-founded ArtBrowser - 'The Social Discovery Platform For Art Lovers', to make art accessible for all and support artists with a 0% commission model.

EO believes each individual harnesses a great source of creative power and healing energy. The 'EO Power' symbol represents the essence of this universal creative energy; a vital source for the rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit. A prominent and sentimental signature, the symbol acts as a fundamental pillar and icon for EO's ethos.

“Heavily inspired by my heritage of South Asian and Middle Eastern art, much of my work comprises a heavy focus on sacred art and energy with a convergence of eastern and western thought. Intrigued by vivid textile decorative patterns and cultural symbolism from an early age, my art has evolved with a deeper fixation on the essence of patterns, mandalas, and creative power. Much of this I translate into distinct, and spiritually charged art pieces, which holds a personal sacred expression that I wish to share.”

EO is now pushing his campaign to highlight inner creative power through his vibrant public art projects, collaborative campaigns,
workshops and exhibitions.


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Inspiration by Eccentric O Art Mandala S
ancient energy final1.jpg
Gold Lead Mandala Eccentric O 4
Gold Lead Mandala Eccentric O 3
Framed Mandala Art Visionary Mandalas Ec
Purpose, meaning and direction.jpg


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Milton Keynes Street Art Mural MK50 Urba


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For general enquiries or to simply send in positive energy, please email o@eccentric-o.com.  Alternatively, you can use the contact form for a quick and easy hello.