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South Asian Pattern Spray Art Mural by Eccentric O
Creative energy symbol patterns gif

Omar Ahmed, artistically known as Eccentric O, is a hybrid artist blending various realms of spirituality, innovation and creative energy with a profound mission to charge and uplift individuals via meditative art and creative projects. 

As a conduit for creativity and charged energies, EO merges sacred and cultural patterns inspired by his heritage and diverse spiritual traditions. His energetic vocabulary includes mandala geometry, patterns, calligraphy, and mythological symbols. With a heavy focus on the transformative power of mandalas and vibrational art, EO infuses each creation with a unique spiritual resonance. 


Revered by the IPA as a torchbearer for next-gen creatives, EO's vision extends beyond personal artistry to advocate for mindfulness, and visionary practices. This mission gave rise to his co-founding of ArtBrowser TV, a visual arts streaming channel, which won Innovate UK’s fast start competition.


Central to Eccentric O's work is the 'EO Power' symbol, which stands as a reflection of the boundless creative life force and healing potential within us all. He continues to echo this message, weaving the resonance of inner creative power throughout his art, murals, digital media, and various creative initiatives.

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