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Eccentric O Relaunch

Hello and blessings to all.

Eccentric O Creative Power

I thank you for being here and taking the time out to read as you have come across a pivotal post for the EO journey.

Three years ago I went on a long retreat, taking a break to explore my heritage, subconscious art works, and its deeper association with my creative practices. A much needed break and exploration with projects has provided greater purpose, meaning and direction for my art, which I hope to reflect and express through new pieces and collections. It's been over three years since I have written a post on a fully functional website, yet I am grateful that I can do this for a special occasion after an extended online absence. With this being said, after many months of foundation building, I am pleased to announce the launch of the new EO website, freshly framed original EO artworks, and the new EO online shop which houses special and limited edition EO prints.

Eccentric O Creative Power

I look forward to championing creative power through EO artworks, projects, and my online journal. The journal will be my personal hub for providing insight, inspiration and motivation through the exploration of creativity in arts and culture. Whether this is your first time here (welcome!) or if you've been supporting from day dot, I kindly invite you to browse the website and the projects I've been pouring my energy into. If you would like to say hello or simply send in positive energy feel free to get in touch by emailing Would be great to hear from you. A big salute to all you lovely folks who have been showing your support through the social channels over the years. It is greatly appreciated. Blessings, EO

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