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Chi.Da.Eclectic - A Post Grad Journey to Expression

From creating stories, analysing the movements, patterns and actions of people, I can most definitely resonate with the work of a lovely old friend, Chiyedza. A London based artist, illustrator, and designer with a passion for pattern, typography and graphic art, 'Chi' loves finding new ways of incorporating it into all aspects of design.

“My first solo exhibition - Chi.Da.Eclectic - was an opportunity for me to reignite my personal creative side. Despite spending the last few years working in creative roles I rarely got my teeth stuck into anything artistic that was just for me. I needed to ‘scare’ myself and do something that put the spotlight on my own practice - it reminded me of why I first fell in love with art/ graphics/ illustration. Fingers crossed this is the start of much more to come.” She explains. I had the pleasure of sharing a graphic design studio, lecture hall and the love of patterns with Chi at the University Of East London; and it's always nice to see a fellow 'uni grad' thrive in the post grad era. It is years such as this which become pivotal for visual arts graduates, as the post degree creative grind becomes a fragile transitional phase, which determines their career direction and in some cases, alter it altogether. Rejection here plays a big part, leading many to change fields completely and in turn neglect their artistic 'self'. However even landing complimentary jobs within relative creative field can starve the inner artist. Chi's personal journey to her first solo exhibition could be seen as one of many great routes on how to break routine and relight the dormant creative power many are waiting to express.

“The focus and passion I have for illustration always keeps my mind open to new ideas and positively influences my graphic design/ digital practice by allowing me to draw from multiple mediums.”

“I strongly believe that to take part in, engage with and have access to arts based education, activities, and events positively benefits individuals and has the potential to improve, on a long term basis, the lives of people that use, interact and live in the areas where services are made available.”

Pattern and Play:

Pattern and Typography

Fork Heads Collection

Kudos to Chi for leaping in to the unknown to express her inner creativity and talents. I look forward to championing her work. You should also. For more info, have a gander over at

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