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From SMS to SOS, Artist Pins highlights our addiction to mobile phones in his new solo exhibition.

With it being the age of smartphones, I'm sure we've all been in a situation where frustration and anger has encumbered your entire being all because a small composite tech device layered with a shiny glass top had stolen your friend's, sibling's or partner's full attention mid convo. Sound familiar? And you were probably left speaking to a zoned out human who has been hypnotised by the technological advances of the social media matrix; they then probably came back to present life to disregard and interrupt your discussion for you to approve a potential photo upload for the social media matrix. I know, it's a reoccurring pattern that you've probably become accustom to right?

With such advances of social media algorithms, quick witted internet meme's (gotta love meme's), peer stories and filters, our smartphones have become the prime attention stealers and to a high degree, a device we've become addicted to. Research suggests that one in three UK adults have argued with their partner about using their mobile phone too much. With such rising concerns, fellow compadre and artist 'Pins', who explores notions of mass consumerism has decided to tackle and create awareness around the nomophobia (no-mobile-phone phobia) issue by putting on a fully independent exhibition titled 'No Face Like Phone'. Born from a bad dining experience, Pins explains how the exhibition came to be:

“So two years ago I was at dinner with a friend, and she couldn’t get off her phone, even when her food was in front of her, she was just relentlessly updating social media and messaging during our so-called ‘connecting time. This made me question how honest and real our social experiences and connections are, when our attention is so divided. I think it is only a negative thing when you have no control of your phone usage, are unable to switch off or fully function when away from it, also known as nomophobia.”

Pins' reached a new milestone as this was his first independent solo show with no gallery involvement. Proud to see the constant grind and creative power manifest into a successful exhibition.

Below are highlight shots of the exceptional colour popping and engaging exhibition.

For more info and works by Pins click on the links below. Pins on Facebook Pins on Instagram Pins on Twitter

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